Maintenance Mode 2.1 Released!

Fresh release of maintenance mode plugin includes mostly compatibility improvements and a new admin bar indicator. With this release I’ve finally closed lot of issues that were opened for quite while.

Compatibility improvements

WPML Maintenance Mode
WPML Compatible

I’m happy to announce that the plugin is now compatible with WPML after couple of requests over the past few months.




Another, quite big and important compatibility implementation (in terms of user base) is Theme My Login.  From now on you can use the plugin along with TML without any issue. Of course if there are any, please let me know.

Another improvement in this version are new action hooks and filters, so if there is no compatibility to whatever plugin you are using, you can use one of the filters / actions to make it work.

Action Hooks & Filters

For now, following filters and action hooks have been added:


Runs at the beginning of core maintenance method

function my_custom_maintenance_check()
   // my custom check goes here
add_action('ljmm_before_mm', 'my_custom_maintenance_check');


Filter page title while in maintenance mode

Changing title is possible within settings, but if you want to use filter instead, you can do so:

function my_custom_maintenance_title($original) 
   return 'My Custom Title';
add_filter('ljmm_site_title', 'my_custom_maintenance_title');


Filter visibility of admin abr indicator

A per this request, instead of adding setting for this (as I don’t want to overcrowd it) I have added this filter for people who really want to remove the admin bar indicator.

So in order to do this, you can use following snippet:

add_filter( 'ljmm_admin_bar_indicator_enabled', '__return_false', 100 );

Admin Bar

There was request regarding admin bar which is now finally implemented, it’s true it took quite a bit of the precious admin bar space so from now you’ll just see a little icon along with “Enabled” or “Disabled”

New admin bar indicator
New admin bar indicator


Along with this “major” changes and improvements there are quite few small under the hood changes and bug fixes to make this plugin great also from the “inside”.  You can see full change log here.

What’s next for Maintenance Mode?

So far, I’m not sure what will be next apart from maintaining and making sure that it works for everyone. Also I’m looking in to qTranslate compatibility which I might bring in the upcoming releases.

That’s it for now..